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The Raving Euclid Fangirl

Musings and Random Wastes of Time

6 April 1986
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I'm currently twenty one years old a twentysomething who now knows better than to be overly specific about her age, although that's subject to change. I write a lot. Read a lot. Think a lot. Sometimes I dance.

Everything I write for online consumption (primarily fanfic, at the moment) will be posted in this journal, so feel free to friend me if you want to follow my writing. Comment or not, as you like; it would be nice if you commented on one post or another to let me know, but it's fine if you just want to lurk. I'm an inveterate lurker myself, so I'll understand if you just want to read without having to come up with something to say.

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Yuugioh is Badass Card-Slinging, Crotch-Shot, Flying shirt Tails, and Maniacal Cackling LOVE.
Made by siriusaboutsev

Fakir x Ahiru is rabu rabu-zura! <3

Touya Akira x Shindou Hikaru is love

Killua is Cute-Kitty-Assassin Love.

Primary school!Hiruma is bratty love ♥